#WhoAgainstGuns – special EP album for donors!

Even though we’ve released our special 13-part podcast commentary of The War Games, the Who Against Guns campaign is still running until March 31st. And we have a special giveaway to offer in the lead up for that, and this weekend’s marches across the US.

We’re pleased to offer any donor who has given, or will give, $25 or more to one of the four organizations we support stopping gun violence a special digital EP album featuring songs by Emma Caywood, Cat Smith, Andy Hicks and Alex Kennard!

This special EP includes a song specially written by Emma Caywood for the Who Against Guns campaign and a new song by Cat Smith about Martha Jones. It also includes “studio” versions of two songs you’ve heard at Reality Bomb live shows: Andy Hicks’ recent cover of the Fraser Hines 1968 acetate, “Time Traveller” and Alex Kennard’s original song “Peter Capaldi’s Eyes.” We’re working on getting other tracks as well!

To receive this EP, all you have to do is donate $25 or more to one of the organizations working to stop gun violence listed here and send a copy of your receipt to gallifreystands@realitybombpodcast.com. If you’ve already donated less than $25 previously and want to receive the EP, you can “top up” your amount by making an additional donation. We’ll let you know how to download the EP later this week. (And of course, you can also receive our podcast commentary of the War Games if you haven’t yet downloaded it.)

If you’ve already donated $25 or more, thank you! We’ll let you know how you can receive the EP later this week.

Visit the Who Against Guns page for more details.

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