Reality Bomb Episode 055

On the fifty-fifth episode of Reality Bomb, Graeme Burk and Joy Piedmont, emboldened by the #WhoAgainstGuns campaign, look around at the other ways Doctor Who fans are doing good. First we go back in time to learn more about the 1985 Fan Aid campaign to raise money for Ethiopian famine relief with then-organizer, now-author and writer Paul Cornell. Back in the present, we talk about the Whovian Running Club with organizer Brian Biggs, and we discuss the Doctor Who Society of Canada‘s work raising money for children’s hospitals in Canada at conventions with Cindy Peters. We also have a brief update on #WhoAgainstGuns with Rachel Donner. Additionally, Koa Webster, who won the #WhoAgainstGuns giveaway to be on Gallery of the Underrated, takes the opportunity to talk about fake news and the companion that couldn’t with The Long Game. Plus, Emma Caywood has a song inspired by #WhoAgainstGuns and two fangirls go to a convention bar… and they have a LOT to say!

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