#WhoAgainstGuns – It’s Podcast Day!

After two weeks, the #WhoAgainstGuns campaign will be releasing the podcast commentaries of The War Games (all 13 episodes!) and announcing our giveaways.

So what’s going to happen today? Here’s a brief explanation…

12 noon EDT: we will stop processing donations for most of the rest of the day. This is to give our team of volunteers the time to get ready for what’s ahead. Entries for giveaways will be closed.

Beginning 4:15 pm EDT: People who donated will receive an email with a link to where they can download The War Games commentary podcast. This may take several hours to do, as we are volunteers using relatively low-tech means, so please do not panic if you don’t receive an email right away!

9 pm EDT: We will begin to contact winners of our giveaways and we will announce it on Twitter as soon as they have all been contacted.

Donation processing will resume sometime after 9pm EDT. While the active phase of this campaign will be ending today, we will still be taking donations until March 31st

If you want to listen to this special podcast commentary, all you have to do is make a donation to one of the organizations working to stop gun violence listed here and send a copy of your receipt to gallifreystands@realitybombpodcast.com.

Visit the Who Against Guns page for more details.

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