Reality Bomb Episode 081 – The Shelter In Place Live Edition 3

On the eighty-first edition of Reality Bomb, with sensible people still in lockdown during the global pandemic, we returned once more to do offer a super-sized episode of Reality Bomb live on Zoom. This time, we bring our true confessions revealing our deepest, darkest secret shames, embarrassments and wrongs we have committed regarding Doctor Who to the confession dial. We also play (courtesy of Head Over Feels) This or That! Plus The Tsuranga Conundrum is in the Gallery of the Underrated and we have Listener’s Q and A! And… an ode to a t-shirt.

Resources related to Joy’s editorial:

Listen now!

We also have a video of the whole episode (minus clips for Gallery of the Underrated, thanks YouTube) if you want to watch!

(And if you want to see the video with the clips, you can download it from here!)

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