Reality Bomb Episode 080 – The Shelter In Place Live Edition 2

On the eightieth edition of Reality Bomb, while we’re all still in lockdown during a global pandemic, we decided to do another episode of Reality Bomb live on Zoom. We talk about the stand up and cheer moments we love in Doctor Who. The 2003 webcast Scream of the Shalka with Richard E Grant comes to the Gallery of the Underrated. And we play a game where you have to guess what scene from Doctor Who is being (badly) acted out! Plus… Pam Brandeis: Fan Attorney has a case to win on Zoom!

Listen now!
We also have a video version of this episode if you want to watch!

And if you want to watch a version of the video that has all the clips that YouTube’s algorithm made us take out, you can download this version.

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