Presenting… #WhoForSchools

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Doctor Who, it’s that education matters. Access to a quality education makes a difference in every aspect of someone’s life. It can be the determining factor between despair and hope, poverty and stability, even death and life.

Doctor Who fans can help change this. This October, representatives from your favourite Doctor Who podcasts and some very special guests are coming together to record podcast commentaries for the stories of Season 26: the final season of the Classic Series of Doctor Who. That’s 14 episodes of classic Who, with more than 50 podcasters, authors and fans participating. Anyone who donates $10 or more to the The Malala Fund or any of our recommended organizations can have access to them.

What we’re doing

#WhoForSchools is raising funds for organizations that help improve access to education. Primarily, we’re raising funds for The Malala Fund, an organization that fights for girls’ access to education around the world, for every girl’s right to learn and lead. We’re also raising funds for several other organizations in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. — details are on the #WhoForSchools webpage.

What we’re doing is simple. Every person who donates $10 or more to one of the organizations we’ve mentioned (and others), will receive a podcast commentary of the entirety of season 26 of the classic series of Doctor Who, featuring 50 podcasters and fans, including you! All they have to do is email us their receipt.

Why we’re doing it

Last year, Doctor Who fans came together under the Gallifrey Stands banner to raise over $20,000 for organizations working to stop gun violence in our #WhoAgainstGuns campaign. The experience taught us that Doctor Who fans have an incredible opportunity to continue to be kind, and do good things together. We realized that Gallifrey Stands could become an annual fundraising campaign, highlighting a different cause every year.

Education is hugely important: it impacts both an individual’s and a family’s access to health care, employment, prosperity, and overall quality of life. It helps define our society and our world. Doctor Who as a series has always been pro-education, pro-science, pro-questioning — the very first TARDIS team included Ian and Barbara, two teachers, to help educate young viewers at home … what could be more fitting for our second-ever campaign?

What you can do
1. Use this icon as your Twitter avatar for at least the next 72 hours (until end of day Wednesday 10/9) to help promote the work we’re doing on social media. Afterwards, you can continue to showcase your support for the campaign while going back to your original avatar using Twibbon.

2. Our Twitter account is @GallifreyStand — follow, retweet, and help spread the word.

3. Visit the #WhoForSchools webpage to download cool graphics to share on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!
4. Spread the word! As much as you can! And then even more!

More to come!

The campaign starts today and will end November 1. We hope to have a few special announcements to make between now and then — stay tuned!

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