Reality Bomb Episode 059

On the fifty-ninth edition of Reality Bomb, we have a super-sized episode as, one year after they first talked about Jodie Whittaker’s casting in episode 048, Graeme Burk talks to Petra Mayer, Angelique Roche and Sage Young  about the new Doctor’s debut at San Diego Comic Con… and the brace of teasers, trailers and news articles all saying very little but meaning so very much. Joy Piedmont talks to vlogger and member of Doctor Who Magazine’s Team Team Claudia Boleyn about the ways Doctor Who could improve representation in a variety of ways as we debut a new segment, Perception Filter: conversations about identity and Doctor Who. And Graeme reunites with Rob Jones and Shannon Dohar — his co-hosts from the music podcast, Deeper Cuts — to talk about Doctor Who’s new composer Segun Akinola and how his work on other shows might connect with his work on series 11. Plus we have coverage from the SDCC press conference, Listeners’ Letters, a song and scenes from a meeting you won’t want to miss!

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