Reality Bomb Episode 058

On the fifty-eighth edition of Reality Bomb, Graeme Burk brings together a group of fans who had largely never seen classic Doctor Who until they saw it on Twitch TV including Katherine Climpson, Helena Lane and Evan Teng to discuss the joys of 1960s Doctor Who alongside classic series writer Andrew Smith. Also, Adrienne Enderle talks about golf ball-munching herbivores, fathers with trowels, Egyptian queens and genocidal maniacs when Dinosaurs on a Spaceship comes to the Gallery of the Underrated. And Joy Piedmont looks into The Caves – a rock opera about The Caves of Androzani – with its co-creator Christian Erickson. Plus, a salute to Graham Strong, who provided crystal clear recordings of so much 1960s Doctor Who… and we look back on the bittersweet memories of the omnirumour.

Stephen Cranbrook, who spoke in our segment about Graham Strong will be doing a charitable walk for St. Barnabas House, the hospice which looked after Graham. You can donate to this walk in Graham’s memory by visiting Stephen’s Just Giving page.

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