#WhoAgainstGuns – Bonus Commentary with Steven Moffat achieved!

Last Friday, March 2, around noon eastern time, we issued a challenge: if we doubled the money raised thus far for the #WhoAgainstGuns initiative and raised $7000, former showrunner of Doctor Who, acclaimed writer and co-creator of Sherlock Steven Moffat would take part in a commentary of The War Games episode 10.

It took a little more than than two days to not only achieve that goal, but to exceed it a little. We have raised almost $7500 for organizations dedicated to stopping gun violence. The commentary with Steven Moffat is on!

As a result of this achievement, Steven Moffat has sent Doctor Who fans this message:

“I’m thrilled to hear we’ve hit the target. Of course I’ll take part. I even have OPINIONS about episode 10 of The War Games (well, of course I do!) But don’t stop. Will keep talking for another five minutes for every five hundred more!”

And we must not stop. We can continue to spread kindness and tell others about what we’re doing. All you have to do is make a donation to one of the charities listed here and send a copy of your receipt to gallifreystands@realitybombpodcast.com and you will be able to download the exclusive podcast commentary of The War Games on Monday, March 12.

The #WhoAgainstGuns campaign is continuing for one more week and we’ll have some more surprises to announce soon!

For more information visit the Who Against Guns page.

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