Reality Bomb Episode 006

On the sixth edition of Reality Bomb, we’re all over the 50th anniversary as Graeme Burk interviews a panel of fans including Jon Arnold, Lori Steuart and Bill Evenson about The Day of the Doctor. We also interview fans Kathleen Schowalter and Sam Maggs about Paul McGann’s triumphant return as the eighth Doctor in The Night of the Doctor. Also, Keynon Wallace goes back to 1963 in his assessment of An Adventure in Space and Time and Alex Kennard talks to Doctor Who Video FAQ master Steven K. Manfred about the changes to the Doctor Who DVD range. And Ari Lipsey puts The Trial of a Time Lord episodes 5-8 AKA Mindwarp in the Gallery of the Underrated. All this plus the making of a scene in The Night of the Doctor!

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