Reality Bomb Episode 005

On the fifth edition of Reality Bomb, the host becomes the hunted as Graeme Burk and his co-author Robert Smith? submit to Alex Kennard’s questions about their new book, Who’s 50: The 50 Doctor Who Stories To Watch Before You Die. Once Graeme gets back the interviewer’s chair, we celebrate the 50th anniversary by talking to Taza McDoom, who watched the first episode of Doctor Who in 1963 and Wendy, a young Doctor Who fan. We also talk to Dr. Mary Jane Miller, emeritus professor of media studies at Brock University and author of many books on the history of Canadian television, about the career of Doctor Who co-creator Sydney Newman. And we chat with Felicity Kuzinitz about harrassment and conventions. All this plus a history of the Doctor Who theme you don’t want to miss!

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