Reality Bomb 110 – Ten for Ten

On the one hundred and tenth edition of Reality Bomb, we’re celebrating our tenth anniversary with our longest episode yet and featuring “ten for ten”– ten segments that look back on ten years of Reality Bomb, introduced by contributors and friends of the programs. This episode includes:

  • Romance in Doctor Who (from episode 060) – Jenny Colgan and Kim Rogers talk about how, why and should romance be in Doctor Who. Introduced by Kim Rogers
  • Planet Who: Le Fandom Français (from episode 077) – We talk to Pauline Serizel from Pepperpot about French fandom as chronicled in a recent documentary. Introduced by David Matthewman
  • F*ck That Guy (from episode 055) – One of our most…enduring? comedy sketches starring Shannon Dohar and Kim Rogers. Introduced by Deb Stanish
  • The Doctor Who Theme (from episode 005) – Alex Kennard’s audio essay on how the Doctor Who theme came to be and why it works so well. Introduced by Alex Kennard
  • Con Safety and Doctor Who Conventions (from episode 071) – A panel from our special episode on con safety with Felicity Kuzinitz and Sage Young. Introduced by Sage Young
  • Gallery of the Underrated: The Chase (from episode 048) – featuring BBC presenter and author Matthew Sweet. Introduced by Jim Sangster
  • Variations on a Timeless Child: When Bad Retcons Happen To Good People (from episode 083) – Petra Mayer looks back on her worst day… as a Doctor Who fan. Introduced by Martin Hajovksy
  • Spoiler Cops: Revenge With a Vengeance – Part Two The Vengeancing (from episode 030) – can Detective McDonough clear her name? starring Lizbeth Myles, Bill Evenson, Erik Stadnik, Alex Kennard and Felicity Brown. Introduced by Bill Evenson
  • Excerpt from our “Calling the World” documentary (from episode 064). Introduced by Heather Berberet
  • Editorial – A Life in Fandom (from episode 024 live in New York). Introduced by Shannon Dohar

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