Reality Bomb Episode 103

On the one hundred and third episode of Reality Bomb we have a super-sized episode featuring an all-star panel discussing the ups, downs, Sacha Dwahan-ness and past Doctor Who-ness of Jodie Whittaker’s swansong, The Power of the Doctor with KatyBeth Schmid, Priya Deonarain, Sage Young and Lacy Baugher-Milas. Plus the BBC’s deal with Disney+ for future Doctor Who is examined by SFX editor Darren Scott. And in a new segment of Planet Who, we talk to Pauline Serizel of France’s Pepperpot Team and Freddy Pavao of Doctor Who Brazil about the impact of Disney+ on Doctor Who’s global fandom. All this and a pub quiz that goes horribly wrong because of Doctor numbering!

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