Reality Bomb Episode 043 – Live at Gallifrey One

On the forty-third edition of Reality Bomb we have a special live episode recorded at the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles with Graeme Burk and co-host Shannon Dohar. We kick things off by talking to Lindsey Mayers, Sage Young and Titan’s Twelfth Doctor Comic artist Rachael Stott about the announcement of Peter Capaldi’s departure and what Capaldi meant to fans. We hold a special live edition of our 3rd Annual New Series News Hype Quiz with Steven Schapansky, Erik Stadnik, Deb Stanish and Jon Arnold. Attack of the Cybermen is in the Gallery of the Underrated thanks to Warren Frey. And we have a live edition of Listeners Letters with special guest Paul Cornell! Plus a double shot of comedy and a bonus quiz with Nick Abadzis and Gillian Morshedi! It’s your favourite Doctor Who podcast but it’s live…at Gallifrey One!

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